About Us

Organizational Background:

Mudug Peace and Human Development Organization (MPHDO) was founded in Galkacyo on 20th February 2006 as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization by a group of self-motivated intellectual volunteers who were committed to promote peace, human development and human rights in Galmudug zone and south central Somalia.

Since its foundation, MPHDO has been engaged in peace building, human development activities, capacity building programs and human rights promotion in south Galkayo, Gamudug. Till now MPHDO has conducted several advocacy activities targeting at different levels of the community in south and north Galkayo to promote peace, coexistence and human rights in the region.

It has also conducted a number of workshops for youth, women and traditional and religious leaders, local politicians, local media community, Galmudug ministries and Mps, regional and district authorities, police officers and prison guards in south Galkayo with the aim of building their capacities and as well promoting human rights situation and the peaceful coexistence among the communities of the two parts of Galkayo city.

MPHDO focuses also on wider human development initiatives such as; livelihood support interventions through integrated development initiatives in both rural and urban areas in Galmudug zone; it has also been involved in educating and empowering youth and adults through series of forums and vocational skill training in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in a move to maintain their lives in an orderly manner.